Whiteboards & Writing Surfaces

Standard Type

All writing board installations in spaces with AV and IT technology must be dust free. Whiteboards and writing surfaces using dry erase pens are suitable, however the dust from chalkboards is not compatible with electronic technology and may also have negative OH&S impacts. For these reasons chalkboards/blackboards do not comply with the AETM design guidelines.

While a range of surfaces, including glass are now becoming popular, the standard surface is still vitreous enamel on steel, unless otherwise specified.

Multiple sliding boards

Multiple sliding board systems shall be constructed so that with the bottom edge of the rear board at a height of 1.0m, the full area of all boards shall be capable of being displayed above. Multiple sliding board systems shall consist of no more than three boards.

Fixing Height

The bottom edge of the writing area shall not exceed 900mm, or be lower than 850mm from the finished floor level.

Storage for Writing Materials and Erasers

Temporary storage for board writing materials and erasers shall be provided. This shall be a shelf along the bottom edge of a fixed board or along the bottom edge of the outer board in multiple board systems or a small shelf or box to one side of the board system or lectern where a bottom-edge shelf is not appropriate. Care shall be taken to avoid sharp edges or corners on the shelf system.

Any shelf attached to the bottom edge of boards must not obstruct the user when writing on the board at the lost possible level.

Board Lighting

(see also 5.12 Board Lights)

Board lighting shall be designed so that boards are clearly legible at all audience angles of view. Board lighting should be on a separately controlled circuit. Where possible, board lighting should not spill onto the projection area in a way which will degrade the minimum available contrast ratio.

Board lighting shall provide 300 lux on the vertical plane of the board surface without creating glare for the viewers and without creating reflections that could obscure the information thereon.

Board reflections

Room lighting and window curtains shall be arranged so that light reflected from the surface of the boards does not reach the audience and obscure the information thereon.